Star Trek Gifts

There’s a good chance you at least know someone who is a major fan of the franchise, and if so, getting them Star Trek gifts is a perfect idea for their birthday or over the holidays! Star Trek has now spanned numerous generations, and it’s popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all! Starting back in the 60s, the TV show instantly became a household name and a major success. Since then, there have been additional TV shows, movies, and more. Because the sci fi franchise has become so popular, there are so many gift ideas it can actually be hard to choose! If you aren’t a fan yourself, or simply have run out of ideas, check out our gift guide. It is filled with all sorts of Star Trek gifts that are perfect for any true fan. You can find the perfect, unique idea in no time at all!

10 Things to Consider When Browsing Star Trek Gifts

Searching for the perfect Star Trek gift? Keep these 10 things in mind while you shop and you’ll be sure to find the perfect thing!

1. Figure out their favorite Star Trek version

Are they diehard fans of the original show? Are they a more recent fan that loves the latest movies? Do they prefer comics?

Some fans love it all, but most have a certain iteration that they love the most.

Keep that in mind to help focus you in on a certain grouping of items for your Trekkie.

2. Educate them

If you are dealing with a true Star Trek fan, they want to know anything and everything about the fictional universe.

That is totally possible thanks to the various books and encyclopedias developed to explain everything- and we mean everything.

Perfect for the self-proclaimed number 1 fan. They need to know it all, and now they can!

3. One word: Tribble

The tribbles are so cute! Thanks to technology today you can own your very own Tribble, and we can’t think of anything that would make for a better technology gift for a Star Trek fan.

They may technically be an invasive species and be an enemy, but they are just so cute.

There’s no ‘trouble’ here with this gift idea (see what we did there? If you’re a fan- you know!)

4. Go for trivia

Like we’ve mentioned, there is a lot to know when it comes to the entire Star Trek franchise. Put the fan’s knowledge to the test with some fun trivia!

There are plenty of trivia games that have been developed from the series, and it makes a great addition to any game night.

Just make sure if you aren’t a major fan that you team up with someone who is!

5. Replica tech

There were so many cool gadgets that were used on Star Trek, and thankfully, plenty has been recreated so that you can have your own version!

This makes for a great gift that someone can either play with or save as a collector’s item.

6. Think practical, yet cool

Because of Star Trek’s popularity, you can get just about any item you can imagine as a Star Trek version. That means even the most practical of items can be made fun!

From backpacks to toasters, to bottle openers, oven mitts, doormats, and more, you can find seriously anything.

This is great if you are shopping for someone who maybe just moved into their own place or is going off to college and needs stuff for their dorm room.

Not only will they put these items to good use, but they’ll also fully enjoy them as well!

7. Clothing is always a good idea

You can’t go wrong with getting a cool t-shirt or hoodie. True Star Trek fans aren’t afraid to show off their love for the franchise, and a great way to do so is with clothing!

There are tons of cool designs out there for adults and kids, so this is great for anyone you might be shopping for.

8. Live Long and prosper

Any gift that features this greeting is a great gift idea. It’s just that simple!

Whether it is a t-shirt, a piece of wall art, or even a Star Trek-themed coffee mug, you can’t go wrong with the classic saying.

9. Add to their collection

Do you know a Star Trek fan that has started a collection of various memorabilia? If so, a great gift is to help them add to their collection!

Figure out what it is they collect and also of course what they already own.

You don’t want to get them a duplicate. Getting them something new for their collection is a gift they will really love and appreciate.

And one day, it just may be worth a lot of money!

10. Go interactive with games

Of course, the franchise has inspired tons of various games, and they make for a great gift for any fan that likes to feel as though they are part of the universe themselves!

This is perfect if you know a geek or nerd who has a lot of fellow Trekkie friends, as they can all share in the gift and play it together. What could be more fun?

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How to Nail a Gift for a Trekkie!

Even though science fiction is a pretty specific genre that people either like or don’t like, Star Trek has broad appeal and has captured millions of fans over the decades.

Whether you know someone who watched the original show, or someone who recently became a fan watching the movie franchise, there are people of all ages that just can’t get enough Star Trek!

There has always been something special about it. Perfectly combining drama and comedy, it has easily kept viewers interested for over 50 years!

Trekkies, as they call themselves, are the most loyal of fans, and love everything about the franchise.

Did you know that the most devoted of fans even know the fictional language, Klingon? Seriously!

You know you have a devoted fan base when some people can speak the fictional language of the show. These fans are no joke!

Whether you know someone who can speak in Klingon or someone who is just a major fan of the franchise, getting them a Star Trek themed gift is an excellent idea.

From the shows to the movies, the comics, and more, there is so much to choose from.

Our Gift Guides Include Gifts for All Budget Ranges!

Our gift guide also takes into consideration different budgets. Our Star Trek gifts span a variety of price points so that you can find an item that fits your budget.

Whether you want to splurge on some cool tech gifts, or if you have a more limited budget, you can find an awesome present any fan would appreciate.

From trivia to video games, to books, merchandise, and a whole lot more, there are so many awesome Star Trek gift ideas to choose from!

We’ve compiled all the best gifts into one place to make it easier for you to make a decision.

Take a look through our guide and see what you find. We are sure you’ll find the right thing in no time at all.

Whether the holidays are coming up, or if there is a special birthday around the corner, you can find a gift to match the occasion.

Even if you are a diehard fan yourself, you might have run out of gift ideas for the fellow Trekkie in your life. That is okay!

Let us help you come up with the perfect gift idea - you’ll be their new favorite person. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping today!