Wooden Meal Time Prayer Cube

In a world where creativity has taken over almost everything, there is so much to choose as a gift for family and friends. As much as every person has their preference when it comes to things they find interesting, some items match the different personalities.

Such gifts are not as easy to find, but with a little patience, one can get their hands on some. A good example is this prayer cube. It can be an excellent piece for a family with young children. It makes a perfect gift for any occasion including birthdays, graduations, etc.

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Detailed information about Wooden Meal Time Prayer Cube

This particular prayer cube is designed for mealtimes. It has a compilation of 6 prayers silkscreened on wood. The wood prayer cubes are perfect for kids and make it easier to learn how to pray at mealtimes. Each side of the cube has a unique prayer that the kids can recite before meals. One only needs to roll it to determine the specific prayer for that moment.

On top of being a decorative piece for the dining table, this prayer cube encourages kids and the whole family to pray before meals. With this, kids will develop a culture of always praying before they can start eating. Also, with the different prayers, they can learn different ways of appreciating mealtimes. Indeed, it is a perfect gift for a family.


Simple yet meaningful gift

Perfect for young kids

Long-lasting wood


The cube is tiny