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Blue Star of David Secret Jewelry Keepsake Box

Are you looking for a gift to celebrate Bat or Bar Mitzvah for a loved one? One that will exceed your expectations and those of the recipient and remain memorable years to come? Your perfect gift pick will be this Blue Star of David Box.

This will be a secret keepsake box for her precious pieces of jewelry or his personal stuff. But most importantly, it’s what the box represents. The six-sided star is a symbol that God rules over his people and the universe and provides protection from all the six directions. This is a spiritual symbol that will always assure the receiver that God will help them to accomplish their goals, the same way He helped David defeat his enemies.

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Detailed information about Blue Star of David Secret Jewelry Keepsake Box

Thus, if your daughter, son, niece, nephew, sister or brother is celebrating Bar or Bat Mitzvah, this Blue Star of David box would be a thoughtful gift, not just as a beautiful keepsake, but as a spiritual gift, representing Gods shield and protection.

With this box, you will not only present a gift, but you will also be passing a tradition and culture for the Jewish community. This wooden box makes an excellent gift idea for Bar/Bat Mitzvah and weddings.


A quality wooden box, handcrafted with specialized skills passed down over the centuries

An exclusive keepsake box engraved with Blue Star of David

An excellent gift for celebrating Jewish holidays