Barbie Pink Dreamhouse

A lot of us remember growing up and playing with Barbie dolls. You know, we dress Barbie in a bazillion different clothes and then play with her as if she’s real? Chances are if you have a daughter, then she has either heard of Barbies or even has some herself. Maybe she even has some that you gave her from when you were a child! Barbie is one of the most popular toys for girls, with over a 1,000 accessories, kits, and playsets, along with other ‘Barbie’ dolls such as her boyfriend Ken. With that said, we here at That Sweet Gift have found the perfect gift your daughter will absolutely love, if she loves Barbies that is! We now present to you the the Barbie Dreamhouse!

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Detailed information about Barbie Pink Dreamhouse

This Barbie doll house or ‘dream house’ is no ordinary dollhouse. One major thing that is highly visible is the fact that the whole Dreamhouse is doused in Barbie’s favorite color - pink. From roof to door everything is covered in pink, including furniture except some things are white. The Barbie Dreamhouse consists of 3 floors, 7 rooms, over 70 unique accessories, and even a working elevator to get Barbie up and down the 3 floors!