Aircee Mini Solar System 80mm Crystal Ball

If the kids are interested in astronomy and space, this will make a perfect gift for them. It can be placed next to their bed or beside the Christmas tree and this item will surely make them really happy. This solar system crystal ball is a replica of our part of the universe. The planets all align properly in this awesome piece and are displayed in great detail – which is enough to charm any science-lover. It is definitely a good display for the headboard of the bed in the kids’ room. This elaborate work of art is an educational tool that can also be gifted to people of all ages who are into planetary science.

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Detailed information about Aircee Mini Solar System 80mm Crystal Ball

This is a simple yet memorable item to give it as a gift to someone who is in love with the universe. The moons are also included around the planets and the planets are accurately spaced. If this crystal ball finds its way to an office table - everyone around would often slow down to take a look at it. Any lover of Star Trek or any similar sci-fi will appreciate this gift.