Pearl Jam Vitalogy Vinyl Edition

With vinyl record sales touching new heights and showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, chances are you have someone who’s a crazy vinyl fanatic too. Or someone who bought a nice turntable recently but hasn’t started collecting yet? Now might be the right time to appreciate the music snobs in your life with a new record.

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Detailed information about Pearl Jam Vitalogy Vinyl Edition

Not just any record – in fact, a classic like the Pearl Jam Vitalogy Vinyl Edition! Nothing satisfies the urge for the classics like an actual vinyl record and no record collection is complete without the all-time classics of Pearl Jam’s. It’s no ordinary record; it’s one of Pearl Jam’s most iconic albums of all time and an uncompromising record that still blows off the minds of audiophiles around the world. It’s the remastered vinyl edition of the band’s famous “Vitalogy” album which is sure to be well-appreciated by the vinyl lovers in your life.