Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting

Keeping a collection of enticing records is most people’s favourite activity. Some keep them as memories of past exciting moments and others enjoy having a variety of those for guests at home. If this is something relatable to a loved one, they deserve a little treat in the form of vinyl records. The collections are hard to find around, but here is the good news. This one from Dust and Grooves collection is unique and comprehensive. It can appeal to someone that loves keeping vinyl records and stories. So there is no doubt this item would be a perfect gift for an upcoming occasion.

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Detailed information about Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting

What makes this one so unique? The book, compiled by renowned photographer Eilon Paz has detailed and informational interviews about different collectors around the world. The book highlights what motivated them to keep collecting and digging into more records over the years. The reader gets a clear picture of different well-known champions in vinyl records collections. There is something the reader will grasp in minutes of perusing this book. Some of the major ones highlighted in the book include Gilles Peterson, King Britt, and artist in other genres. Also, there are insights about DJs, record dealers, producers including other enthusiasts.