Bleach Nirvana Original recording remastered

Good music can be relaxing after a long day at work. There’s something interesting about old school albums that have a hint of classical but lively themes. Such records are scarce these days, and it would be great to have your hands on at the sight of one. If someone from your family or friends loves listening to old school music, then this Bleach album will impress them. The album from Nirvana can be a great gift to anyone who likes grunge music.



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Detailed information about Bleach Nirvana Original recording remastered

The album has a collection of tracks released back in June 1989. The music has a classical touch and can be suitable for most people that enjoy grunge and rock music. It is raw and showcases realness in the composition of the tracks. The record is indeed worth the investment. As a gift to friends, the Bleach album will have everyone wanting to listen to it. The album comes with a double cover case to protect the vinyl against scratches. Also, It plays softly without skipping or scratching.