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Only the Best Dads Get Promoted to Grandpa

Father’s day is coming up, and the worst mistake you can do is leave grandpa out of it. He is also a dad, and it would mean so much to him if you appreciated him among the world’s best dads. When selecting something for him, you ought to find a gift that passes a special message and works every day for him. You do not want to get something he will keep away and suddenly forget you got him something. That is why you need to get this mug and keychain set from Custom Gifts Now. He will appreciate, and if you are lucky, he will surely use the items each day.

The travel mug carries 14 ounces of liquid and comes with a fitted lid. It is suitable for his evening walks, a day trip or simply some evening coffee as he strolls in the backyard. The mug, with a firm grip, is made of stainless steel which lasts long. With the message on top, you can be sure grandpa will appreciate the kind words and the entire package as well.

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Also part of the set is a leather keychain bearing the same words as the travel mug. The ring, made of stainless steel as well ensures it last long without rusting and flaking. The two items, designed in the USA are perfects for grandpa's birthday, Fathers' day, or any other occasion. They are handy items for everyday use and, will help him get along with his days.