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Before Patients, After Patients Coffee Mug & Stemless Wine Glass Set

Working in the medical field is hard work, there is no denying that! Most healthcare workers will agree that their morning coffee and nightly glass of wine (or other similar beverage) is sure to help them through their days. That makes these two glasses the perfect set that any healthcare worker needs! Having a good sense of humor about things can make life a little easier (and a lot more fun) and that is what you can expect from these fun glasses to start and end each and every day!

Specs: This set features two glasses – a white ceramic mug and a clear glass tumbler. The mug can hold around 11 ounces of liquid and the wine glass can hold 15 ounces. The mug features the text “before patients” and the wine glass reads “after patients.” Both items are dishwasher safe and the ink is designed to never fade!

Why it’s a great gift: This is truly a great gift idea for anyone who works in medicine- whether they are a doctor, nurse, dentist, medical assistant, physician assistant, you name it! This set is sure to put a smile on their face and these glasses are sure to become their new favorites. This is a perfect gift for any healthcare professional and is a great way to show your appreciation for all of their hard work!

What we like: We like that you get two quality glasses that aren’t just funny, they are functional as well. These are sure to become your (or whoever you are gifting these to’s) favorite coffee mug and wine glass. We also like that the wine glass is stemless – it makes it easier to use and in our opinion is a preferred style for most wine drinkers! Both of these glasses are also dishwasher safe, a major plus, especially for busy healthcare workers who do not have time to hand wash their dishes!

What we don’t like: The only thing we don’t like about these glasses is that they cannot go in the microwave. That is not a huge deal for the wine glass but is disappointing for the coffee mug.

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Functional & funny

Quality ink that does not fade

Disheasher safe


Not microwave safe