Gift of Nothing – For the Person Who Has Everything

As the packaging states, this is “Nothing, for the person who has everything.” That’s right, nothing. It’s the most ingenious, clever gift ever. Whoever opens this present will at first be stumped and when it dawns on them that it truly is nothing they won’t be able to stop laughing! It’s perfect as a gag gift and even as serious one. The packaging includes a small description that explains the importance of nothing and the deeper meaning that can be found in this seemingly meaningless present.

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Detailed information about Gift of Nothing – For the Person Who Has Everything

We are constantly trying to find meaning in life and in everyday things, especially when it comes to presents. We want them to be thoughtful, something useful, possibly funny but overall something that the other person can enjoy. But how often is it that we struggle to find the “perfect present” and how often does the novelty of those gifts actually last? Usually, only for a few weeks and then they are pushed to the side and forgotten about.