BESTOPE Makeup Mirror

Say goodbye to having different mirrors for every type of light or magnification you want – this mirror has got it all! This is a perfect all-in-one mirror that any girl would love to have on her vanity. Not only does it have light, but it also has 3 mirrors in one- one full-size mirror and then two smaller mirrors with different levels of magnification! No matter what your morning routine looks like, this make up mirror is the perfect companion to getting ready and looking and feeling your best.

Specs: This mirror folds closed when not in use. When ready, fold open the mirrors and you will find 3 mirrors. One regular mirror, one with 2x magnification, and one with 3x magnification! There are a total of 21 LED lights as well which you can turn on or off depending on what you need. The mirror itself also rotates a full 180 degrees so that you can position it exactly as you want. This mirror is securely mounted on its base which you can actually use to place your makeup, jewelry, or other items. Power this mirror either via a USB cable or by 4 AAA batteries!

Why it’s a great gift: This is a great gift for any woman of any age – teenagers, young adults, and older women will all love and appreciate this mirror. With so many fun features, it is a great gift that will elevate any woman’s current vanity. This mirror has everything that you need!

What we like: We like that you can turn on or off the LED lights – and in fact, you can adjust their brightness as well! We also like that there are the magnification mirrors- those are great when you need them, but when you don’t, you still have a really good sized normal mirror as well. We also like how many fun colors this mirror comes in – there really is something for everyone!

What we don’t like: This mirror doesn’t come with the batteries you need, it does come with a small USB cable but not a wall plug so will have to supply that yourself.

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3 mirrors in 1

Different levels of magnification

21 LED lights

Rotates 180 degrees


Does not include batteries/wall plug