Classic Short Brim Manhattan Fedora Hat

Even the tiniest of details on your outfit can change the entire look. Think, for example, the shoes you wear, the type of tie, the design of the watch, or the coat. The design of each of these items can be what you need to create a specific look. On this note, if you want to complete your old-school outfit, choosing a short brim hat would do. This one by Livingston is suitable for both men and women and can be a lovely casual piece for the weekend.

If you are looking for a fashionable item, then this hat would do the trick. In black color, the hat has a short brim which extends more towards the front than the back for added style. It is made of cotton blend fabric to last long and withstand frequent washing. Also, it comes with a matching hat band, and the inside has a sweat-absorbent lining for comfort all day long.

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Detailed information about Classic Short Brim Manhattan Fedora Hat

The teardrop design and pinched crown make it suitable for any formal or casual event. It is not too much for a formal look and not too minimal for the casual. It can be an everyday hat especially when you need to shield from extreme weather and still look cool. It is beautiful and would make such a lovely gift to family and friends.