I Am Here Now: A Creative Mindfulness Guide & Journal

Mindfulness: the buzzword of 2018, and for a good reason. Learning to be mindful can have amazing effects on both mental and physical health. More and more studies are coming out to support the benefits of mindfulness. The book and journal I Am Here Now: The Creative Mindfulness Guide and Journal is wonderful for beginners and pros alike. You cannot just be mindful, it takes a lot of practice and learning.

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Detailed information about I Am Here Now: A Creative Mindfulness Guide & Journal

I Am Here Now is written by the founders of The Mindfulness Project, an international mindfulness teaching platform. These authors compiled this guide and journal as a resource and journey for those looking to live in the moment and practice mindfulness in their lives.

The first nineteen pages comprise the guide portion of the book. Chapters include a section on how to use the book, definitions of mindfulness, a mindfulness quiz, the ground rules of mindfulness, and an introduction to meditation. This part of the book should truly give you an idea of what mindfulness entails and how to start practicing it in your life.