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Feskin Professional Slim Business Laptop Backpack

While some people use bags just for fashion alone, some are looking for more – busy, on the go people, are mostly after the expediency and handiness of keeping their things neat and organized and meeting their expectations of a durable, functional and highly useful bag that is perfect for their everyday needs.

You might not have heard of this, but there is a saying that goes “Just get a bag and drop a dream in it, and you’ll be surprised what happens”. With this said, we found what you may call a “dream bag” because of its simple, sleek and systematized design.

Introducing the Feskin Professional Slim Business Laptop Backpack – a casual durable rucksack that will surely fit your needs and more. Made with high quality but lightweight oxford fabric and faux leather, not only is this bag functional and durable, but it is also fashionable and trendy.

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Detailed information about Feskin Professional Slim Business Laptop Backpack

What we are really excited about this bag is its multi-compartment system, where you can put your different essentials in an organized manner. It consists of 1 main compartment (which can fit books, clothes, or anything you need that is a bit too big to fit in the other smaller compartments), 1 laptop compartment that can easily fit a 13-15 inch laptop, 1 inside zipper pocket, 1 outside zipper pocket that can house your phone, wallets, various small things and 2 side pockets where you can store your water bottle, a small thermos or even an umbrella for rainy or sunny days.

In addition to that, there are 6 cool colors to choose from: Blue, Dark Gray, Light Green, Rose Pink, Green(with a function update) and the alluring Red Wine.


Unique waterproof, dustproof and tear proof features

Guaranteed durability

Easy to bring because it is lightweight

Modernized and sleek design