Selk’bag Adult Sleeping Bag

This Selk’bag Sleeping Bag is the perfect innovation for the adventurer in your life. It puts an entirely new spin on camping and camping gear. It is a well-designed sleeping bag made of polyester for comfort and with a water-resistant finish on the exterior of the bag.

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Detailed information about Selk’bag Adult Sleeping Bag

The boots zip off, so for sleeping you can put them on for warm toes, but if you are by a campfire or sitting and watching the sun rise or set, you can put your own shoes on instead. The hand openings are extremely functional for ease of use. Your hands can remain inside the bag, or slipped out to use them.

It comes in three colors: asphalt grey, seaport blue, and twilight violet. Exaggerated draft tubes are located around the zippers to help stop heat loss. A thermal collar is located around the head and neck areas so there are fewer drafts. There are vents (zippered) located on the legs and chest to help with temperature control. The temperature rating is 44 degrees Fahrenheit. It also rolls up into a bag that is very easy to carry.