9x Poster Motivational Self Positive Office Quotes

Do you know of an office manager who likes to encourage colleagues with motivational messages? Maybe you know of a school teacher who uses the same tool to encourage the kids. Maybe your spouse is a motivational speaker.  If so, this set of nine posters each one showing a motivational or inspirational word or phrase together with an appropriate image will be just what they need.

The smallest poster has dimensions of 20” x 13” (50cm x 33cm) while the largest measures 47” x 31.5” (120cm x 80cm). There are also sixteen different sets of nine posters. That means that if you buy the complete range you can end up with 144 different posters, and that’s not counting the different sizes either!

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Detailed information about 9x Poster Motivational Self Positive Office Quotes

These sets of inspirational posters are really a motivational speaker’s idea of heaven! Just think how easy the session would be. Mount a couple of sets of these on the wall and spend the next hour or two talking about each one in turn!

The posters arrive rolled up in a cardboard tube so you can be sure they won’t be damaged on arrival. Even if they are damaged, the seller provides a 100% refund or resend so you know your purchase is protected.


Each set of nine posters contains individual and different motivational and inspirational messages complete with appropriate images.

The seller can supply five different sizes of posters. Just choose the size of posters to match the available space on the wall.

There are sixteen different sets of posters. Just choose the most appropriate set for the required purpose.

The posters are printed onto a fabric cloth so they are more durable

The seller offers a 100% refund or replacement service if the posters arrive damaged or become lost in the post

If the office manager or motivational speaker needs the posters to be really well protected, it is no problem to have them laminated before use