Bull’s Eye Magnetic World Globe

Finding the best gift for worldly travelers can be difficult. After all, these are the types of people who enjoy experiences, rather than material things. If you know a traveler or adventurer, what better gift to give than the world itself? In this case, a globe – more specifically, the Bull’s Eye antique magnetic world globe.

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Detailed information about Bull’s Eye Magnetic World Globe

The globe contains all the information and labels you’d expect on a global map with clear print and bright colors. This is an excellent gift for children and parents who wish to learn more about the world and map out destinations for homework or dream destinations. It can also be used as a tool for planning vacations and honeymoons or coordinating trips for work or volunteering.

The globe comes with 30 magnetic pins that can be easily and securely placed anywhere on the globe to mark a particular spot. They also come in different colors so the traveler can stay more organized. For example, they can mark places they’ve been with green pins, places they want to go with green pins, and places they want to learn more about with silver pins. Their options are endless!