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History of the American Police Officer Poster

If there is a group of people committed to their work fully, then it has to be the men in uniform. Theirs is a commitment, devotion, and passion for serving the community.

It’s clear that this kind of job is a calling and most of them are proud to be part of the force that ensures everyone is protected and safe.

And so, if you have a police officer in your life, whether it’s your parent, spouse, brother, sister, son, daughter a friend or any other family member, then we have no doubt that they will truly appreciate this poster, The History of the American Police Officer.

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Detailed information about History of the American Police Officer Poster

This is a great poster that reflects the history of American police officer dating back from the colonial times when the first law enforcement was formed.

It traces the history right from the start of the 1700s when the police force was organized for the first time and referred to as the "Rattle Watch."

A splendid force which over the years has become better and better and it's now so honorably proud.

Summed up into a few images, the history of American police lies artistically in an 11 ¾" x 36" acid-free watercolor paper.

This is a standard frame size poster, printed using fade free ink. It's printed to last a lifetime and withstand external elements without fading.


A high-quality poster printed on an 80lb watercolor acid-free paper

Printed using fade-free ink

Lists 9 different police titles in the history of America and a timeline of 17 police badges