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Top Gun DVD & UV Digital Copy Included 3D

For those who grew up in the 80’s, what better way to relive your nostalgic days than with a gift from that era?

Top Gun (1986) can deliver just that, as even over 30 years later, it is still considered a Hollywood classic that movie viewers—young and old—can embrace again and again. After all, it is sure to keep you soaring high even after the credits have long rolled (pun intended).

Even if you had not grown up in the 80’s, you can still appreciate this classic action-drama film, as it offers a look into a young Tom Cruise as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, who is on the way to becoming a top naval aviator.

Daring and a bit cocky, Maverick uses his pilot skills to train at the Navy’s Fighter Weapons School, in order to be one of the best in the flying field.

Along the way, he meets the gorgeous Charlotte “Charlie” Blackwood (played by Kelly McGillis) who is the civilian Top Gun instructor—throughout the film, their relationship develops, thus giving the film a romantic edge in the midst of action-packed sequences and machismo.

Filled with drama, love, and plenty of fighter sequences, Top Gun has just about everything for every type of film goer out there.

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As for the gift itself, Top Gun does not just come with the film, but also with a myriad of special features—that said, you can keep yourself entertained for hours, especially if you are a die-hard fan of this film!

Included in the film collection is commentary from producer Jerry Bruckheimer, director Tony Scott, and naval experts who were used to help with the accuracy of the film, especially the action sequences.