Lazy Daze Hammocks Hammock| Swing with Pillow for Two

Nothing truly beats that feeling when you get home from a long day, or to the camping site after a long hike, kick off your shoes and get all cozy and comfortable in a hammock swing. That feeling is glorious and heavenly, and nothing comes close to it.

Lazy Daze understood the comfort that comes with a hammock and produced this 55″ double-layered quilted hammock.

There is nothing that feels better than laying in a beautifully made hammock on a breezy summer day with the wind blowing softly across your body.

The perfect gift for campers!

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Detailed information about Lazy Daze Hammocks Hammock| Swing with Pillow for Two

This hammock is truly designed for maximum comfort and enjoyment. It comes with a matching head pillow which is also fade-resistant and sufficiently stuffed for added comfort.

It has an “O” ring on both ends, two long chains measuring 13.4 inches and two steel hooks which make it super easy and convenient to it hang on a hammock stand (not included) or between two trees.

This is a super durable hammock designed to provide balance and strength. It features a 55" hardwood spreader bar with a lovely finish making it more stable and stylish as well.

The ropes, which are handcrafted using polyester material, add a special charm to the hammock and give it an authentic appearance.

Additionally, the end cords are extra-thick, which contributes to the strength of this entire piece.


Super comfortable

It's stylish

Strong, stable and durable


Available in different designs and colors

Comes with a matching head pillow