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Euro Ceramica Inc. Dinnerware Set

Now, this is the kind of gift you should surprise a person who loves to host dinners and parties with. We know just the type of collection,they’d love. Euro Ceramica Zanzibar Collection dinner set tops our list. We’ll show you why.

From one set, you will get a platter, 3 bowls of different sizes, 2 shakers, a cooking spoon rest, a litter pitcher, a beverage server, 3 canisters of different sizes and three multicolor lids!

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Detailed information about Euro Ceramica Inc. Dinnerware Set

The same items have various sizes ranging from small, medium, and large.

The materials they have been made from include earthenware rubber and seal, ranging from one item to the other. Their average dimensions are 10.9 by 10.9 by I inches and weighing 1.5 pounds.

The overall weight is lighter than any other ceramic material. Besides, they are durable and can be used on any special occasion.


Attractive with vibrant colors

Safe for dishwashing

Strong hence does not break easily


Plates are not microwave-safe