Monogram Wine Cork Holder – by LTD

Everybody loves a gift that they get to take a part in its creation! With this beautiful monogram cork holder, the giftee will get to do exactly that. Offered in the 26 letters of the alphabet, LTD’s sturdy and attractive wall decoration is sure to be a crowd pleaser. The monogram wine cork holder is made of a high-quality aluminum that is made to be durable. Not only it is can be personalized by choosing the giftees first or the last name but it becomes more and more personal over time as corks from notable wines are collected within it.

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Detailed information about Monogram Wine Cork Holder – by LTD

This product is ready to be hung up as soon as the recipient unwraps it. This unique decoration will charm everybody who takes a look at it. It is not just a beautiful gift but a meaningful one as well! Any wine lover will appreciate a unique way to store their memorabilia and this monogrammed holder can collect all favorite corks up for everyone to see them. This gift is perfect for that friend or a family member who knows their wine. A great gift for people with great taste.