Hauck Nerf Battle Racer

Sometimes we need to let our kids do ‘dangerous’ things in a more safe manner. Instead of having your boys be destructive inside your house, give them something that will allow them to be ‘dangerous’ but safe. Give them something that is not only fun but also something you wished you had while growing up. We now present to you guys the Hauck Nerf Battle Racer!

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Detailed information about Hauck Nerf Battle Racer

The Huack Nerf Battle Racer is not an actual Nerf gun, but it is indeed a ‘ride on.’ Your child could use this for various reasons. Before we tell you what those reasons are, let us share with you what features this ‘ride on’ has. It is called a ‘Battle Racer’ because it truly is meant to be a go-cart your child rides as if he was entering a nerf battle war. The car itself is about 69 cm tall and 59.5 cm wide. It comes equipped with a space that can carry up to 4 Nerf blasters and can hold loads of darts required for shooting. The seat is easily adjustable so that the cart can fit any kid. There is no gas or electric required to power the vehicle - kids pedal just like a bicycle. In order to break, there is a handbrake to easily stop the cart. The design itself is very innovative and sporty.