adidas Men’s Adilette Slides

Slides are back in style and more popular than ever before. And it doesn’t get much more iconic than a classic Adidas slide! This men’s Adilette slide is a classic design and perfect as a shower slide or to wear out of the house – wear these wherever you want to go. With plenty of color options, the worst thing about these slides will be deciding on one design – you might just have to pick up a few!

Specs: This is the Adidas Adilette shower slide designed for men. You can choose between a variety of colors and styles that range from the iconic black and white designs to more modern colors and styles. The slides themselves are rubber with a solid rubber sole and slip-on style design.

Why it’s a great gift: Slides have become a staple item that every guy wants in his wardrobe, but the best thing is, you can never have too many. That makes these Adidas slides a great gift idea for any guy – they either want a pair or if they have a pair, they will gladly take another! With so many different style options you can be sure to get them something they don’t have already. Perfect as a birthday gift or for any other special occasion.

What we like: We like the classic design of these slip-on slides and we like all the different color options available. You can easily wear these with or without socks depending on where you are wearing these.

What we don’t like: These slides don’t have a lot of arch support so if you are someone that really needs that with your shoes, these may not be the most comfortable for you. However, if you are just wearing them around the house like slippers it may not be a big deal.

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Slip on

Rubber sole

Color options


No arch support