Echo Auto- Hands-free Alexa in Your Car With Your Phone

Hey Alexa – play my roadtrip playlist! You are used to using Alexa at home, but what about in your car? This Echo Auto allows you to do just that! This device goes into your car and pairs with your phone, giving you all of Alexa’s great features for your next roadtrip. The more handsfree you can be, the safer you’ll be while driving and this Echo Auto allows you to do just that! Have Alexa take care of everything else so you can just focus on driving!

Specs: The Echo Auto is a small device that works by connecting with the Alexa app on your smartphone and connects to your car either by a cord or via Bluetooth. You also get an air vent mount that makes it easy to mount the Echo Auto and use it to hold your smartphone. This device works with the majority of cars and smartphones. Once connected, you can use Alexa in your car to play music or audiobooks, make phone calls, pull up directions, set reminders, and even pay for gas! Auto Mode on your phone makes for an even better and safer experience that will improve both the safety and enjoyment of your next roadtrip.

Why it’s a great gift: This is a great gift for anyone who spends a lot of time in the car – perhaps someone who travels for work, has a long commute each day, or simply loves a good road trip. There are so many cool features that essentially turn any car into a smart car- and who wouldn’t want that?

What we like: We like that the Echo Auto works with so many apps like Spotify, SiriusXM, Apple Music, Google Maps, Audible, and many more. No matter what you prefer to use to listen to your music, audiobooks, or use for GPS, more than likely you can use it with the Echo Auto!

What we don’t like: We don’t like that this doesn’t work universally with every car and every smartphone. Certain vent designs will not work with the mount and certain phones may not work with the Alexa app, so you will need to check that before buying for yourself or giving as a gift.

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Works with majority of phones

Compatible with great deal of music and other apps

Easy to mount


Compatible only with certain vent designs