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Harry Potter Official Licensed Cufflinks

Even years after the final movie was released, people are still head over heels for Harry Potter items, and these cufflinks, available in several styles, are sure to be in high demand.

Whether the house of preference is Griffendor whose members are known for bravery, Ravenclaw who are known for their intelligence, wisdom, and creativity, Hufflepuff with their undying value of hard work, patience, and dedication, or perhaps the shrewd and cunning Slytherin house, there is a set of cufflinks to fit the bill!

Perfect Harry Potter gift for any fan in the family!

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Detailed information about Harry Potter Official Licensed Cufflinks

Any fan of “The boy who lived” is going to need a pair of these cufflinks sporting the different house crests straight from the pages of Harry Potter.

Along with the house crests, the cufflinks are also available with the crest of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and The Ministry of Magic.

There is also a pair that depicts a golden snitch of Quiddich fame, and another representing the infamous Platform 9-3/4.

Any of these would be a welcome addition to any Harry Potter fan’s collection and they would make a unique and much-appreciated gift.


Comes packaged in a Harry Potter stamped gift box

Available in eight different styles, all from the realm of wizards and witches

The cufflinks are an officially licensed product by Warner Brothers