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The Catholic Hipster Handbook

Many people think that to be a Catholic is to be rigid, judgemental and a follower. They don’t appreciate that there are many things about a Catholic that are bizarre, hip and essentially Catholic Cool.

Basically to be hip or cool is to belong to a counterculture that celebrates the unusual and questions the practices of the ordinary person. But can this be applied to a religion such as Catholicism?

For the mainstream Catholic, it seems that as long as you do as your priest or the Vatican says, then all will be well.

At first sight, this doesn’t leave much room for a counterculture. But if one looks back into the history of Catholicism you will find that there are many saints, prayers, feast days and sacred practices that at one time were accepted practice but have now fallen along the wayside and are no longer fashionable to use.

This is where the Catholic Hipster can come into his or her own. Do the unusual practices and acknowledge the unusual ideas that are still part of the Church but not part of the mainstream.

The book The Catholic Hipster Handbook written by Tommy Tighe is a paperback that should attract any Catholic who wants to be different but still be a full member of the Church.

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Detailed information about The Catholic Hipster Handbook

The book started out as a little bit of fun back in 2014 on Tighe’s personal blog.

He discovered the term the Catholic Hipster and when his followers on Twitter ran with it, it really took off into something special.

A group of counterculture Catholics was born who celebrated being Catholic with an enthusiasm that could not be denied.

The result of the Tweets, the one-liners, and the memes solidified into this fantastic book that Catholic Hipsters everywhere have taken for their own.


A book to encourage all Catholic Hipsters to be themselves

Contains lots of cool information that you have probably never heard about

Comes in three different formats