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The Noble Collection Harry Potter Magical Creatures: No.7 Dementor

When JK Rowling dreamt about Harry Potter magical tale in a train, she didn’t know that year later, what she had created would turn out to be one of the most gripping stories.

A story that will have a whole community of young fans obsessed, devoted, and transfixed to the events and plight of the characters.

Harry Potter continues to capture the hearts of many years after the books, and the movies were released. It’s an epic magical tale and devoted Potterheads have read the books and watched the movies countless times.

We can’t talk about Harry Potter without mentioning the merchandise and the avalanche of collectibles that millions of fans around the world enjoy.

If you want to make an obsessed Potterhead happy, then get them something that reminds them of the wizarding world.

A perfect item would be something like this Harry Potter gift in a display by The Noble Collection!

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Detailed information about The Noble Collection Harry Potter Magical Creatures: No.7 Dementor

In their adventures, Harry and his friends come across lots of these magical creatures, especially at Hogwarts School during the Care of Magical Creatures class.

From Goblins, Dementor, Basilisk, Mandrake, House-elves, Dragons, to Fluffy and many others, these creatures play a significant role in this adventurous tale.

Some were loved, and others were hated. Regardless, they are a nostalgic reminder of these movie series, and any serious Harry Potter fan would love to have a collection for their display.

This collection comes with an intricately detailed and painted creature - Dementor housed in a display cover with a removable cover.

The case measures approximately 7" x 4.25". Just like the creature and the detailing, the case is well-cut. It is well detailed, showcasing the name of the creature and the Harry Potter wordings.


A replica of Dementor the magical creature

Comes in a display case with a removable cover

A great item for collectors