Harry Potter 1 to 8 House Crests Tumbler Set

For Harry Potter fans (and let us face it most kids under the age of 13 years old are fans) they cannot seem to get enough merchandise to fulfill their dreams of going to school at Hogwarts. Each kid who follows the Harry Potter books and movies usually identifies with one of the main characters and imagines themselves belonging to one of the four Houses within the school.

Most kids would give anything to be part of that crowd but unfortunately, it is merely fiction. Instead, they will have to be content with owning a piece of the Harry Potter merchandise. This set of four 10 fl oz glass tumblers, beautifully etched and colored to represent the four Houses in Hogwarts, will allow your child to enter the magic world of Harry Potter and relive some of the exciting adventures he experienced.

This would be a suitable gift to buy for the family in general and not necessarily as a Christmas or birthday present. Buy them for the family before having a Harry Potter movie marathon so that everyone can have their favorite beverage while watching the movies. They are ideal for everyday use, special occasions or simply for putting on display.

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Detailed information about Harry Potter 1 to 8 House Crests Tumbler Set

The glasses are dishwasher safe but do not use them in a microwave. When washing, do not use cleaning materials that contain bleach or chlorine as this may damage the color.

For individual specifications, it would be wise to read the entry for each one before using and washing. All the different glasses and mugs are well made and illustrated well. It is advised not to pour very hot water into the glass tumblers or pint glasses as the glass may crack and break, only pour very hot water into the ceramic mugs.


The set of four glass tumblers with Hogwarts’ House emblems are beautifully illustrated and lovely to drink from

Each tumbler holds 10 floz of liquid (do not pour hot drinks into glass receptacles)

Ideal gift for a Harry Potter fanatic

There are other pieces of Harry Potter merchandise ranging from plastic water bottles to ceramic house emblem mugs