Petronics Mousr Interactive Robotic cat Toy | Plays Automatically or by Smartphone Control

If you own a cat (or if the cat owns you), you probably like to make sure she is entertained all day long. When cats want some stimulation they will come to their human and sit on your laptop, nuzzle in the newspaper or many other things they do when they are bored.

How about the tactic of asking to have the door opened and then sitting in the doorway so you cannot close it? Cats are clever animals and always need to have stimulation, especially if they are indoor cats. This is where cat toys come into their own.

A ball that flashes when it’s rolled, a laser pointer or even just a feather on a string will give your cat much-needed stimulation and exercise until she becomes bored with knocking it around. What every cat needs is a toy that will run and hide or even one that will fight back!

The Mousr interactive robotic cat toy from Petronics is the ideal electronic toy for your cat. It has external sensors that detect the presence of your cat and makes the toy react automatically.  Perfect gift for cat lovers all around the world!

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Detailed information about Petronics Mousr Interactive Robotic cat Toy | Plays Automatically or by Smartphone Control

There are three independent play strategies that you can customize to suit your cat’s personality. Or if you prefer playing with your cat, you can remotely operate the robot via an app on your smartphone.

You can even intervene in the automatic play if the toy becomes stuck in a corner or under the chair.

And in the event that your cat chews the tail to bits (as all cats will eventually do) well, it is simply replaced by one of the other tails that come with the toy.

If you need replacement tails you can easily buy some from the manufacturer if all the supplied ones become chewed. There isn't a more suiting gift for any cat lover out there!


Fully rechargeable battery

Can tell when the cat is near and reacts accordingly

Can find its way around your living room floor