Dachshund Gifts

Is there anything cuter than a dachshund? Sure, plenty (okay - pretty much all!) dogs are cute, but there is something so special about dachshunds! We know we aren’t alone with that opinion, and in fact, plenty of people are true dachshund lovers. From owning at least one of the breed to incorporating them into their clothing, accessories, and decor, the love extends to almost all parts of their life! Does that sound like someone you know? Perhaps it is a coworker, sibling, parent, or close friend. No matter who it is, if they’ve got a love for dachshunds, it only makes sense to get them a dachshund gift. If you are totally unsure what your options are, or what makes for a perfect present, you have come to the right place. Dachshund lovers - this guide is for you!

10 Things to Consider When Buying a Dachshund Gift

On the hunt for the perfect dachshund gift? Check out this list and keep these 10 things in mind to make sure you end up with the perfect thing!

1. Get them something for their dachshund

Sometimes the best present for a dachshund lover is to get something that isn’t for them at all, but for their dog instead!

After all, you know that is who they love the most, so why not spoil them with more toys, outfits, and more? You can’t go wrong with that!

2. Get a painting commissioned

The result is a beautiful, custom piece of art that will always remind them of their sweet pup.

3. Go for the custom item

This could be something like say a photograph of the dog printed and framed. Or, it could be a necklace with the dachshund's name engraved.

Or a mug with their paw print on it! You have a lot of options, and you know you can’t go wrong when it has their precious pup involved.

4. Get a little punny

Between the hot dog comparison, or playing up the length of these adorable pups (they’re exactly who you want to see after a long day - get it??), you have a lot of options to choose from if you want to go for something that is punny.

5. Upgrade an everyday item

Why have a regular ice cube maker, when you could have one that makes cubes in the shape of a dachshund?

Bookends are practical, but they are even more fun when they are the two ends of a dachshund!

You get the idea. Consider ordinary items that they may already have, and get them a dog-themed version! You really can’t go wrong with that.

6. Incorporate other things they love

Are you shopping for a dachshund lover who also loves to workout? Why not get them some workout gear that features, you guessed it, dachshunds!

This is a great idea to consider, as it combines two things that they love, which means you know you will end up with a gift that they will absolutely love.

7. Upgrade their phone case

Nearly everyone has a smartphone at this point, and if you have one, you pretty much need a case to keep it safe.

Why not get them a new case that features either a fun saying or image of the doggie?

This is a great idea because no matter where they are, they’ll always have their phone with them, and it’ll be something that can make them smile, even during tough days.

8. Go for the yard sign

Dachshund on duty! There are plenty of yard sign options that advertise that there is a sausage doggie at home.

Considering this is one of the sweetest breeds of dogs, we think the juxtaposition of this sign with them makes for a great present for anyone with a sense of humor.

9. Consider some books

This is a great idea if you are shopping for someone who only recently got a dachshund.

There are plenty of books out there that will teach them all about the breed, including their personalities, how to train them, and more.

10. Plan a pet-friendly trip

Finally, you can’t go wrong with planning a fun trip that allows them to bring their dog with them.

This could be a day out at a dog park or a trip to a local brewery or restaurant that is dog-friendly.

No matter what you pick, it will be a great experience for both of you, and they will especially love that you thought to include their dog!

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Find Something Super Unique and Practical!

Is it their cute faces? Their long bodies? The short little legs? Or all of the above?! Dachshunds are some of the most unique looking dogs, and also, some of the cutest.

They also make for such excellent pets, and are a popular breed for that very reason! They make for great companions and are sure to always put a smile on your face.

How can you go wrong with more dachshund themed items?! You can’t!

So, where does that leave you when it comes around to their birthday, the holidays, or an anniversary, graduation, or other big events? It’s a great question, and we’ve got the answer!

Our gift guide is filled with all sorts of super cute presents. You will have plenty of options to choose from, and surely at least one thing will jump out at you!

There is surprisingly a lot of dachshund themed items out there, so you will have a variety of items to choose from. From gifts for dachshunds themselves to decor, clothing, jewelry, and a lot more,  you can choose just the perfect thing for the dachshund lover you are shopping for.

We Made Sure to Cover All Price Points

We have considered a variety of items as well as price points when curating our list. No matter what your budget is, you can find something to get.

We’ve also thought of different age groups - so whether you are shopping for a child, teen, or adult, you’ll be sure to find an appropriate, thoughtful, charming little gift!

One of the many reasons that people love dogs, and dachshunds in particular, so much is because they are such great companions! No matter how bad of a day you have had, coming up to your sweet pup just makes it all better.

If you know an animal lover who has got one as their best friend, there really isn’t any better theme to choose for them.

You can be sure that no matter the item you land on, they will absolutely love it!

Who doesn’t want to be reminded of their dog, especially when he or she is just so cute?