“I Could Pee On This:” & Other Poems by Cats For People

Here is something special for all the cat lovers out there! A collection of funny poems from the quirky pets. The title is ‘I could pee on this and other poems’. The buyers can already sense what this book is all about, right? It is just a book full of poems written by  Sally Forth. This is an interesting piece because the author decided to write from the cat’s perspective. In this tongue-in-cheek poetry book, the author of the internationally syndicated comic strip assists cats to unleash their creative potential and explain their day to day behavior via poems.

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Detailed information about “I Could Pee On This:” & Other Poems by Cats For People

This book features poems named 'This is My Chair', 'Kneel Before me', 'Some Of My Best Friends Are Dogs', and 'Nudge'. The poems collected in this book capture the lives and thoughts of cats in a very funny and interesting way. All cat lovers will roll on the floor laughing after reading this one. It comes in four cat-egories of family, work, play, and existence. Sally Forth has given a voice to cats. Every battle, desire, and epiphany have been brought out in this humorous collection.