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SMATI Stick Umbrella (The Enhanced Edition Cat and Dog)

When the rainy season comes, you ought to equip yourself with some essential. Boots, scarfs, and umbrellas happen to be your everyday must-have items. While all there are readily available, you do not want to keep carrying the same old designs you have. In this case, for umbrellas, why not have the trendy dome-shaped transparent umbrella for your rainy days. You will not only get to enjoy the rain block but also add your style features even on those dull days. This particular one from Smati Stick is cute, it portrays cats, and would be such a lovely gift for your loved ones.

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Detailed information about SMATI Stick Umbrella (The Enhanced Edition Cat and Dog)

The umbrella has a round dome shape which is designed to provide the extra shield from rain. It is perfect for protecting your hair as you walk outside during the storms. As if that's not enough, it has an auto open feature. It allows you to open it up quickly using one hand in cases where you have extra items to carry.

The design of this umbrella carries the day with the cat designs on the transparent cover. Since the umbrella comes all the way down to the shoulder length, the transparent cover helps you see where you are heading. With this, you do not have to worry about wetting your backpack with the broad coverage. Therefore, the umbrella would work well for kids as well.