HeySun Women’s Adorable Small Cat-Shaped Wallet

Do you know a cat lover? Chances are that you do, and this is definitely a gift that will take the cake for any cat lover out there. This is an extremely adorable little Cat Ear Ladies Wallet perfect for any cat-loving gal. The wallet is nice and compact, so it helps to keep what you’re carrying minimal which can be less of a burden. It is almost 5 inches long and almost 4 inches wide.  It has 3 different credit card slots in it, an I.D. slot with a clear opening to show your I.D. clearly without having to remove it from the wallet, a small coin pocket complete with a zipper for secure closure, and a full-length pocket that is perfect for cash, receipts, or whatever else you want to use it for.

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Detailed information about HeySun Women’s Adorable Small Cat-Shaped Wallet

The zipper on the coin purse part of the wallet is strong and durable and even comes with a super adorable tassel attached to it that matches the color of the wallet itself. Speaking of color, this adorable little wallet comes in several different colors, including black, lavender, pink, and two different shades of blue! It is crafted out of a vinyl material that is made to look and feel just like real leather. This gives it a great style and fashion while also allowing it to remain vegan-friendly, so it is perfect for people from all walks of life.