Cat Peeking Sticker

Decorations do not apply to walls, ceilings or floors only. Even the tiniest of items in the house such as your phone could a get a pimp up. There are many appliance stickers, and the most common ones are the fridge door’s markers. Most people find them attractive as they add a little more life to the dull surface. The same case applies to the back of your laptop, your car’s windscreen, your bathroom mirror, etc. the aim is to break off the flat area at least but adding a bright touch to it. This cat sticker from CCI is beautiful, and it would be a lovely gift for cat lovers.

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Detailed information about Cat Peeking Sticker

The cat sticker comes in white and resembles a cat's head and paws. It's adhesive, and there are instructions included on how to stick it safely on to a surface. First, you need to clean and dry the surface you intend to place the sticker. Then, putting the face of the cat down, you should slowly peel the back paper.

Also, you should hold one end of the sticker away from the surface and use a credit card to press. You should press continuously toward the other end to ensure it completely sticks to the surface. Lastly, you should peel the transfer paper by pulling it slowly to leave the cat picture. The process is easy as long as you follow all the steps.