Vintage Funny Hairy Pawter T Shirt – T Shirt For Cat Lovers

The perfect gift for the Harry Potter fan in your life is this hilarious ‘Hairy Pawter’ t-shirt. If this person is also a cat lover, this is truly the perfect gift for them. Complete with 9 unique characters, this is an excellent gift that any true fan will love.

Who is on the t-shirt? Harry, Ron, and Hermione? No! Instead you get Hairy Pawter, Hairmeowne, Ron Meweasly, Lord Voldemewt, Sevepuss Snape, Nemew Longbottom, Sirius Purrlack, Draclaw Mewlfoy, and Dumpurrdore! Each character has their name printed along with a cute cat inspired image of them. Any true Harry Potter fan will love and recognize all the characters, and is sure to appreciate the creativity of the names.

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Detailed information about Vintage Funny Hairy Pawter T Shirt – T Shirt For Cat Lovers

Choose between 5 different colors of shirt- black, white, asphalt, navy, or slate. This is an excellent birthday gift for the ultimate cat lover or Harry Potter fan. Best of all, the shirt is 100% cotton, making it super soft and perfect (or should we say purrfect) to wear all the time! It also doesn’t matter who you are shopping for- the shirt comes in men’s, women’s, and youth sizes! Whether it is your friend, your coworker, or even your younger sibling, you can get the perfect fit that they need.