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I Just Kissed My Cat Mints

You have probably searched for unique gifts for a cat lover. There are not many options in this class, but this does not mean you can miss a special gift. The idea is to find something they have not had in the past or an item they need as long as they have cats.

One unique gift that can come in handy for a cat lover would have to be this funny tin of mints. The tin is designed for people that love or keep cats with a funny phrase to spice up their moments. The mints can be great gift ideas as additional stocking stuffers. The family will like to discover these mints in their stocking as they open.

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Detailed information about I Just Kissed My Cat Mints

This funny tin with mints makes the perfect gift for a cat lady. Cats love to cuddle and snuggle up on cold evenings. But, they never stop trying to kiss and lick everywhere they think of. When the furry friend tends to kiss, then this wintergreen mints will come in handy. One does not have to bear the tuna breath.

The tin has a capacity of one ounce, and it comes with a total of 165 mints packed inside. As little as the tin seems, it is the perfect gift for a cat-loving family. These mints will be enough for everyone around including kids.  They, therefore, make great treats for stocking stuffing. Everyone will be excited to open the stocking to find,' I just kissed my cat breath mints' in there.