Zmart Women Girls 3D Socks

These 3D socks by Zmart Women will make any girl stand out! They are quite unique socks that will represent an authentic style whenever they are worn. These 3D socks are funny and colorful. They can be found in many designs and styles including, flowers, weed, pizza, donuts, flamingos, cats etc. Besides their great design, they are made with a comfortable and stretchable material. Any kind of cool sneaker will definitely blend with these socks giving the wearer a trendy sense of fashion look.

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Detailed information about Zmart Women Girls 3D Socks

The size of these socks is 5-9 (US) and they are packaged in 8 pairs per every order. These ankle socks are nice and soft with an extremely unique design graphic print. They are made of polyester, cotton, and spandex too. The socks have really fun prints all over which makes them really cool to look at. These cute pairs can be given for any kind of occasion!