Nothing – You Said You Wanted Nothing

Everyone has that certain type of a friend that says they do not want anything for their birthday. And of course, looking for a gift becomes even more complicated and sometimes even painful. Asking them what they want is not an option because they will roll their eyes sarcastically. Even though they are not genuinely interested, a good friend will always be persistent to try and surprise them with something thoughtful. Now with this gift, the giftee will get what they asked for and that is – nothing.

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Detailed information about Nothing – You Said You Wanted Nothing

So what exactly is Nothing? Well, it is a plastic bag that has nothing on the inside. It is a funny gag gift created by the company called Gears Out. It is meant to be given as a gift to people who do not like receiving gifts. The product is a plastic container on which there is: "You Said You Wanted Nothing" written. On the side, it says: "For the Person Who Has Everything".