Watch Ya Mouth Game

Does your family enjoy spending time together playing board games on the weekend? Do you want to have a really fun evening filled with laughter? Nothing brings friends and family together like spending good old quality time together, especially if you are playing a board game. If you are looking for a great board game that is family friendly as well as really funny, or even just a great gift to give out in general, we here at That Sweet Gift may have found just the perfect thing! We now introduce to you the Watch Ya Mouth game!


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Detailed information about Watch Ya Mouth Game

Watch Ya Mouth is a hilarious family-friendly board game that will guarantee plenty of laughs! The reason it is called ‘Watch Ya Mouth’ is because you have to try and say these words or phrases all while this mouth guard is in your mouth, and then your friends and/or family members have to guess what you said! The object is to get them to guess the correct word or phrase which then gives you the points. In the box, it includes 10 cheek refractors, (6 medium sized, and 4 small for younger children,) that are all dental-grade, FDA and CE- Certified, and 143 different words and phrases that are all family friendly! Each card can have up to ten words, but the minimum is two. One nice thing about the cards is they are made to last. They are made out of thick, durable material as well as they are laminated for protection. If 143 different phrases are not enough playtime and laughter for you, there are even expansion options as well as an adult version if you so desire!