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Attitude Aprons – Fully Adjustable Artist Apron

Does your significant other always get paint on their shirt or jeans when attempting their latest watercolour? Does your illustrator daughter get grubby fingers from the pencil marks and proceed to wipe them down her nice clean dress? If so then you should buy them one of these goodies.

This fully adjustable artist’s apron from Attitude Aprons ticks all the boxes when it comes to artists’ protective clothing. It is made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton so shouldn’t crease too much if worn straight from the dryer. The cute logo and caption on the chest section is professionally screen printed onto the white fabric.

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Detailed information about Attitude Aprons – Fully Adjustable Artist Apron

It depicts nine assorted paint brushes with the caption “Choose Your Weapon”. Underneath is a big paint splodge just waiting for a few more real ones to be strategically placed. Talking about paint splodges, it probably won’t take very long before there are a few more to decorate the apron, but why leave it to luck to decorate this apron.

Suggest to the wearer that they buy some fabric, stick-on or iron-on badges to add to the decoration already there and place them artistically on the blank canvas. The clever caption challenges anyone else to better what they are doing and says,” I am a better artist than you”.


Made from hard wearing and durable white polyester cotton

The apron has a bold and whimsical slogan and image that will guarantee a smile from the wearer’s artist friends

The apron is easily washed and dried


It is a pity that the apron hasn’t any built in pockets, they would be really useful