Antique Books Candle Scent

Do you remember the smell of old books, parchment, and ink that used to permeate through ancient libraries and second-hand bookshops? If you do then you will probably enjoy the perfume of this wonderful candle and will want to pass the enjoyment on to someone else by giving this product as a gift to a loved one.

The Antique Books candle from Old Castle Candles is a full 8oz candle made from soy wax and comes in a jar approximately 3.5” tall. The perfume that gives this candle its distinctive scent comes from just the correct combination of essential oils to create that scent that is distinctive of antique books; the smell of old leather and oiled parchment. If the person to whom you intend giving this candle loves old books then they will also like the smell of old bookshops and antique libraries.

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Detailed information about Antique Books Candle Scent

Bear in mind that this is not a musty smell of old books but is more of a scent of leather-bound antique books, lovingly restored and maintained and regularly dusted.

The candle consists of natural soy wax, a lead-free wick made from pure cotton and premium grade perfumes completely phthalate free. It contains 8 fl oz (approximately 1lb) of wax and has a reusable or recyclable glass jar with lid. Each 8 oz candle will burn for about 60 hours.

The manufacturer suggests (and we also agree with this) that candle scents can be very subjective. How one person smells and interprets the scent may not be how other people interpret it.


This candle is made from natural soy wax together with specialised perfumed oils

All the customer reviews agree that this specific candle gives off a scent reminiscent of well-maintained antique books

You can ask for a customised label on ordering