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The Total Fishing Manual – 317 Essential Fishing Skills (Field & Stream)

The Total Fishing Manual is the perfect gift for the favorite angler in anyone’s life. If there is a new thought on how to catch “the big one”, they will find it in this essential fishing manual.

This book has 317 bits of wit and wisdom covering 256 pages, on tackle, location, weather, bait, lures, and tactics that are field-proven to get results!

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Detailed information about The Total Fishing Manual – 317 Essential Fishing Skills (Field & Stream)

Ever wondered what is the best bait to use on a sunny day, or maybe what type of lure to use in the rain?

Is live-bait always the best, or does it depend on the fish, water source, or maybe even the time of day? What type of fish can you expect to catch on a spoon, popper, or a plug lure?

There are so many fish and so many types of gear that a person can literally be overwhelmed just scratching the surface.

It would be great to have one “go-to” source to point an angler in the right direction from the start. This book is just that source.

Written by Joe Cermele, a renown journalist and fishing expert for Field & Stream magazine.

Whether new to the sport or an old pro, any angler is bound to find this book an essential part of their tackle box and they won’t want to head out to their favorite fishing hole without it.


Over 300 tried and true tips from the experts
Know the best gear for any type of local or weather situation
Written by the quintessential experts at Field & Stream magazine