Vumos Travel Bottle

Are you looking to buy a small, unique, and useful gift for a traveler? Packing toiletries for travel can be stressful, especially when soft lotions and liquids are so easily compressed and damaged. Can you imagine how annoying it would be for a traveler to open up their suitcase and find all of their clothes covered in soap because of one little-cracked bottle? The best solution is a bottle that’s small, squeezable, and well-contained. The Vumos leak-proof travel bottle set is the perfect toiletry travel gift you’ve been searching for!

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Detailed information about Vumos Travel Bottle

The Vumos travel bottle set comes in a lightweight package that ships at only about 8 ounces. The pack includes a clear, compact toiletry case that fits four different colored 3.3 oz bottles (black, blue, white, and pink).  Each bottle comes with interchangeable labels that can be switched between “Cond.”, “Shamp.”, “Lotion”, and “Soap”. There’s even an option to write a custom label for more optimal organization and accuracy.