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Fish Wall Art Prints (Set of 6)

For the person who loves fishing and loves nature, these fish wall prints are perfect. Featuring 6 unique types of fish, this is a great set that anybody who loves fish or loves biology is sure to appreciate. Hang all 6 together or find unique spots for each print, the choice is yours!

Specs: There are 6 prints in this set, each measuring 8×10. The 6 fish that are pictured are the Atlantic Salmon, Rocky Mountain Trout, Striped Bass, Bullhead Catfish, Lake Trout, and Yellow Perch. Each print is high quality but has a vintage style to it and is printed on sturdy paper and a linen texture is embossed onto the surface to give these prints a really high-end and authentic look.

Why it’s a great gift: Artwork is always a great gift, and these prints in particular are perfect for anyone who loves fishing or loves nature. The set is very unique and it is great that you get 6 unique prints in one set. If someone has just moved into a new house, this makes an excellent housewarming gift!

What we like: We like that each print is unique, yet they all flow together as a set if you want to display them all in one spot. The quality of the paper is also exceptional and makes these prints look more like they are hand-painted instead of printed. The linen embossing really makes a difference and makes these prints stand out!

What we don’t like: The only thing we wish these prints had were frames along with them. If you wish to frame these prints, you will have to purchase those separately. However, the good thing is that these vintage prints are a standard size so finding frames shouldn’t be a challenge.

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Sturdy paper

Each print is unique

Linen embossing


Not framed