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Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit

We all know that frogs love the rain, and with this wet-weather gear from Frogg Toggs maybe we all could find the bright side of a rainy day.

If someone special on the holiday list is a runner or just someone who is into outdoor sports, this all-weather rain suit is the perfect gift for them!

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Detailed information about Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit

Perfect for the rainy and unpredictable days that come with the changing seasons.

With the discomfort that unexpected bursts of slush and drizzle in the fall can bring, along with the ever-present showers in the spring, it is so important to have a way to get through the day to day journey in comfort as well as in style.

This beautifully designed rain suit from Frogg Toggs covers all of the bases when it comes to protection from the wetter elements.

The two-piece foul weather gear comes with a jacket and pants that provide superior protection from the rain.

The pants have an adjustable elasticized waist for added comfort and an exceptional fit.

The bottoms of the pants are also adjustable, making sure that there is a tight seal against the rain.


Constructed from lightweight and breathable fabric that resists wind and water

Zips and snaps in the front for an extra added layer of protection

Hooded jacket with adjustable leg openings on the waterproof pants