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Mossy Oak Hunting Field Dressing Kit and Game Processor Set

This portable field dressing kit from Mossy Oak is the perfect gift for the hunter or fisherman on the shopping list. It has everything they need to take on the trail in one lightweight and compact case.

The handy game processing kit contains everything needed to field dress anything from a rabbit to a grizzly bear.

Mossy Oak is world-renown for its high standards when it comes to fishing and hunting gear, and this 8-piece set is no exception.

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Detailed information about Mossy Oak Hunting Field Dressing Kit and Game Processor Set

This set contains the essential tools for field dressing game of all sizes. In this kit there is a saw that is perfect for cutting easily through bone.

The saw has a blunt hook at the front to ensure that meat, organs or intestines are not damaged while dressing out the animal.

It measures 8-3/4 inches and will prove to be incredibly useful when breaking down large game.

There is also a 7-1/2 inch caping knife that has a smaller blade that is perfect for the delicate work of hide removal on that trophy buck as well as being the best choice for smaller game such as birds and rabbits.

You'll also find included a 9-1/2 inch gut hook and skinner with a fine-edge 4-inch working blade makes gutting and skinning even the largest animal a breeze.

The set also contains a 10-inch boning knife, a V-type sharpener that is made of tungsten steel, and a pair of red gloves to protect hands during field dressing.


Contains the eight pieces necessary to break down large and small game in the field
High-quality multi-functional stainless steel blades, each with a full tang
Comes in a handy and durable plastic carrying case