Don’t Be A Prick – Coffee Mug

Giving a gift to coworkers is always a little tricky, especially when you are not really close with them, or you don’t really see eye to eye. But then Christmas comes and the annual Secret Santa hat is being passed around and lo and behold, you pull out a paper that has your coworker’s name on it, the one you are not close with, the one you barely know, the one who looks at you funny.

What are you gonna give them?! Well, good thing you found us because we got the most appropriate gift to give when you are absolutely clueless – we present this funny Cactus “Don’t be a prick” mug.

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Detailed information about Don’t Be A Prick – Coffee Mug

It may be your secret way of telling that mildly rude coworker of yours to not be a prick to anyone, although we are not sure they will catch up on it.

And last but certainly not the least, this ceramic mug is dishwasher safe so you do not need to worry about hand washing it, and it is also microwave safe, so whether your recipient’s coffee gets cold or wants to make one of those meal in a mug food like noodles, they can just pop this cute mug in the microwave.


Can be given to a female or male coworker

Funny message and cute illustration really makes this gift unique and creative yet functional for everyday use

Microwave and dishwasher safe

Comes nicely packaged in a box so you can easily wrap it