Banana Phone – Banana Shaped Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Handset

Here is a novelty gift idea that is sure to be a winner. In case you have been looking for a gag gift for your best friend, then this one is hands down, and it will be impossible for the recipient not to laugh when unwrapping this completely unique funny gift. Ever imagined talking to your apple through a banana. Well, you might just give someone the opportunity to do so with the Banana shaped mobile handset.

They might have a thing for bananas or fruit, or you just want to surprise them with a gag gift that will not only make them laugh, but also amuse everyone around them. This banana phone will certainly do the trick, and it will be hilarious to see the faces of people around when someone picks a phone call.

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Detailed information about Banana Phone – Banana Shaped Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Handset

This is an irresistibly funny and silly looking smartphone accessory. It is Bluetooth enabled, and it will wirelessly connect to a smartphone. It can connect with an iPhone or Android device to allow to talk more (and smile) with the people you care about.

This smartphone accessory allows you to interact with your voice assistant including Siri and Google assistant. It's practical and useful, and it will allow you to easily talk to your friends through a piece of fruit and this time, not apple. So you can imagine the looks of people around you when they see you talk to Siri through a loud screaming banana. You can bet the looks will be priceless.


A functional smartphone accessory

Allows one to make or take a phone call or use voice assistant

It’s funny and hilarious

Can connect to any Android device and iPhone